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Provinces of Selen - personnal project - Nominated for Featured map April 2013
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01-07-2013, 05:39 AM
Max's maps (personnal)
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  1. AslanC
    Outstandingly beautiful!
  2. DreamingNomad
    Amazing stuff, love your work
  3. - Max -
    thanks Dreamingnomad, glad you like it
  4. Rpglover
    Been looking at most of your maps and you are really good at what you are doing
  5. - Max -
    Thanks much
  6. Tomas L.
    Ah, that texture is perfect. Great work, Max!
  7. - Max -
    Thanks Tomas
  8. Coreyartus
    This is amazing. As much as your other work is beautiful, this one has a lot of "renaissance-ish" texture work that is just gorgeous. The cross hatching, the waves, the parchment, the layering of colors, even then border... Really inspirational, sir. Thank-you for sharing it.
  9. - Max -
    Thank you Corey !
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