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Oraven - the Cold Hell - personnal work.
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07-31-2013, 10:35 AM
Max's maps (personnal)
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  1. Amatiel1
    I just adore this map. Already ideas are flowing for adventures based in such a setting

    It's not just a visual thing. 'The Mirror' for example sounds like it could be a doorway. Maybe the whole world is a cold reflection.

    I'm ranting now. Thanks for that Max.

    ~ Amatiel1
  2. Mateo Codesido
    Are all your Oraven maps part of one? or are they independent?
  3. - Max -
    Oraven maps are big regional maps that are independant since I used different colors and mountains on each one but the plan is that they all be part of an atlas with a world map showing the location of each region.
  4. Kealios
    This is phenomenal. I've scoured the Gallery section on this site, and yours are top notch! Amazing stuff.
  5. - Max -
    Thank you Kealios!
  6. Valderan
    just beautiful
  7. - Max -
    Thanks, glad you like it
  8. arboricopom
    Vraiment trop excellent et inspirant ton travail sur Oraven !
    J'espère que tu continueras à le développer au fil du temps...

    Chapeau !
  9. - Max -
    Merci beaucoup
  10. Jalyha
    D: I'm so jealous
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