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I'll tell you a tale of Andorron,
Of Tocara and Wobagon.
We'll travel on the Darnern Plains
By foot or horse or rocking wains,
From Loden Wood to the Sea of Glass,
The Trembling Caves to Claron's Pass,
Through Algren Forest to Waters Long,
Down the Tocar by the Whisper's song,
From Frosthold Keep to the pale Lathlight
That runs unseen lest the moon shines bright.

I'll show you white towers on the cold Scaled Sea,
Past the depths of Greenwale to Lesser Bannre,
Up the Ravora through the towering Wall,
The eagles shriek warning for the rush of the falls.

But three places there are we shall not go,
Four, I should say, though the fourth we don't know:
At the Labrynth we'll halt, lest we be lost,
And the White we'll forgo in fear of the frost,
In the Endless Chain there's nothing to see,
And past that the land is only rumored to be.
Some say the mountains go on and on,
Some say the dead go there when they're gone.
Some say there's a desert, others a sea,
But never on this can the scholars agree,
For none have traveled so far from home,
Farhaven is far as they're willing to roam,
So steady yourself, for to journey we're drawn;
And you'll tell your own tale of vast Andorron.

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  1. zbowman
    I really like your work. Is it all watercolor or did you enhance it with a PC?
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