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Torren Empire

This map is for a friend's novel (in progress).

Some interesting spots:

Mysaer: this lake is so deep, it is said to have no bottom.

Scarlet Sea: the inland sea. The red tint come from mineral deposits, though the locals likely attribute it to the blood of armies.

Thousand Falls: where the Scarlet Sea dumps into the ocean. Water flows and falls between sheer pillars of rock. It is possible to get to the small islands at the foot, but it's impossible to walk along the cliff top (there really isn't one, just lots of sheer crags that spike into the sky).

Porrinar's Mirror: a huge salt flat. Some say visions can be seen here.

Corresh's Mouth: a large, deep pit or sinkhole (like the cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula). It's the main entrance to large network of tunnels and caverns.

The Weeping: a forest that sprang up at the hero's death. Lots of weeping willows and cherry trees that hang over the river and streams.

Olmeryn's Tears: two walled islands. The inner valleys are only accessible through waterway passages and tunnel systems in the cliffs.

Lumerin Channel: so named for the glowing jellyfish that populate these waters.

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