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Westward Isle

Long ago people came to the westernmost island of the Anchoron archipelago and settled there, building a great and mighty kingdom learned in the ways of sea and land. They studied the islands from the highest mountain peak to the lowest depths of the sea, but when they came to the northern isle they found only death. For the volcanos that had formed the islands had all fallen asleep but one, and now fire burst forth from the Maw and a beast emerged and gave battle to the people of great city of Lindarron. They fought back and successfully sealed the beast away, but the war devastated the islands and much of the land was parted from itself and fell into the sea, and much knowledge was lost as the monster took many lives.

The people of Lindarron stayed in their sinking cities as jungles and swamps began to encroach on their civilizations. Eventually they fled over the western sea, and the sentries in the towers they built to warn of a new eruption were the last to leave. So the island lay vacant in the sea for hundreds of years.

Eventually new settlers came, who knew nothing of Lindarron. They settled in the north, on the coasts of the plains, for they were a simple people who loved the water and feared the jungle. Now they boast a great city, which they call Port, and fishing villages stretch up and down the coast. The interior of the island remains unexplored, and no ship lands on the southern coast, deterred by the thick jungle growth and the creeping swampland. The people of Port call the northern island Dragonshead, for the thick smoke that often rises from its sheer mountains, but no one ever sets foot there. But they do not fear the sea, and many fishermen claim catches from the Wild Waters to the west, highly prized in eastern markets, and those too young to trade in fish make a sport out of sailing the Three Teeth.

The island of Kyr is a learned nation compared to Port. The first settlers rebelled against the eastern empire and achieving victory they called their capitol city Triumph. Kyr is a wealthy nation due to the efforts of pearl divers along the Kyran Reef, and their libraries rival those of the more civilized eastern islands.

Between Westward Isle and Kyr live the Floaters, villages on great rafts who live on trade with the two islands and the eastern traders.

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