Torq's Cartographer's Guild Maps

  1. Southcit3
  2. Ashak2
  3. October Challenge Entry - 2nd Again
  4. This map came 2nd in the September 08 challenge. 2nd again! This is becoming a habit, always the bridesmaid.
  5. My entry in the May Challenge, to create an effective map for a VTT which is under 75kb. This version is not however.
  6. Kwourin, a town in Groam built for the CWBP
  7. Entry for the March 2008 chalenge which was based on a common randomly generated layout.
  8. Part of the Challenge entry for October 2007, depicting the region in which the Greenstone Monastery is found.
  9. Battlemap style offering that was lucky enough to win the Challenge for October 2007.
  10. A continental map that was the feature map for April 2008.
  11. An area that forms part of the Ansium Region in the Cartographers Guild World Building Project (CWBP).
  12. Map for a working book detailing the historical development of a fantasy world
  13. An island map that was the forerunner of the style that I used in the "Practice Map".
  14. The Second Battlemap scale effort that I did here at the Guild.
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