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    Lesser Kingdoms of the North

    In begin this region was formed for a single kingdom, The old Kingdom of Eurong. Beset by a group of Fallen renegade angels, the population dominated by fear started to moving to neighboring kingdoms. Years later these same angels began to follow their own destiny and slowly spreading and living in the shadows of the world of Egos. With only their ancestor descendants in memory of their parents started the construction of the magnificent Tower of Sion, a splendid building that can be seen for days of travel of distance.With their land free again, the ancient inhabitants and their descendants began a real exodus in search of their land, culture and hospitality. Divided by influences from other cultures, other two small kingdoms born in this new formation. Galaria and Dales.
    For nearly a century these three kingdoms disputed the boundaries of the northern lands, until a legendary son of a Valkyrie began an epic struggle looking for the unification of the three kingdoms. States now they had, as a great empire, political and economic strength that matched the other kingdoms of the continent. The Lesser Kingdoms of the North as formed.
    The three northern kingdoms stand out in the history of the continent of Theon for his ability and dedication to form tracts that have already been responsible to end wars and not letting others start. Currently this region is plagued by another delicate situation. Exactly located in the center of a political conflict that burst with a thread of a war ever seen in the world. A railway line that would link the Valdorn to Tristania is a bold project that aims the world economy.
    When this, in West, Tristania stands with petroleum and gold ready to complete this project. To the south, Hirkania brings steel, for this gigantic construction and in east, Valdorn houses all the secrets of this technology. In the center beyond the Three Kingdoms, Veloria have the main ingredient of this epic construction. The land.
    Determined to not devastate their forests, the elves are willing to defend their lands until the last thread of magic, connected by this mystical force, the magicians of far southern kingdom, Randoria intends helps them, because in the end, the strength acting on its floating islands depend directly on the existence of elves.
    If anyone can resolve this situation, Is the strength contained in the lips of skilled emperors who composes the Trio Viratu governing the northern lands.
    Tristania began construction in their lands.

    Tower of Sion

    Azarel Kel is a Nephilim, son of angels with humans. His father, one of the renegade angels, disappeared to protect himself from the attacks of the celestial punishment. Guarding to honor his father, Kel Azarel decided, to create a home to host all renegades and all his descendants. Thus was born the Tower of Sion. A huge building that does not stop growing, the highest peaks actually touch the clouds and today hosts more than five thousand inhabitants. A city around the tower houses a commercial center very active in and around the tower, spread infinite farms, making a self-sustainable economy. Although, the renegades not want to meet, thus avoiding being easy targets, the Tower of Sion, time in time gets these visitors. For some special reason, what lurks just inside the walls of the tower, this place has never been the celestial target. Legends pray that the walls were built with the bones of gods so immune to the angelic powers.

    The area of the Lesser Kingdoms of the North has about 500,000 km ˛ and a population of 30 000 inhabitants spread.
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