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  1. aquarits
    Finished Map thread:


    Willpower. This is the vital energy of the survival of Randoria.
    Formed with arcane bases, this empire is devoted entirely to the study of magic arts. Reinforces the idea that the people of Randoria were the first to have friendly contacts with the celestial beings. When say friendly, I mean not hostile, since this creatures are not interested in mortal factors.
    Since the wars of the Brethren, Randoria established a covenant with the existence. Tell the stories that the end of the Great War, a force began to reign in the hearts of the realm. Since then, a priest prays day and night for the existence of magic and maintain harmony throughout the empire. The willpower of this, is so great that it was responsible for the immersion of the great and legendary floating islands of Randoria. Even today, a chosen and maintained under these constant training and behavior, this priest is known from time to time as "the oracle."
    Randoria is in the extreme south of the continent Phaten, and has the second largest landholding in the region. Allies of the elves of Veloria, the live in a standoff with the high development of technology in Valdorn, which divides the kingdom between the land of Randoria and Veloria.

    The floating islands of Randoria

    The oracle is an important figure in all spheres of Randoria structure. Since taking the decisions leading up to keep warm as the faith of his subjects through their prayers. A group of monks keeps helping the oracle in their prayers, once a year, the oracle rest for 15 days, during this period without the prayers of the saint, the floating islands almost touch the ground. In total the floating archipelago sum six islands, which host the large capital and an academy where only the most devout and able can potentially initiate studies. The energy that sustain the islands in the air is directly linked to two factors, the prayers and the oracle and the magic of Veloria. Although not proven, but a singular phenomenon happens in the same period of the rest of the oracle in the mystical mountain waterfalls of Veloria. When the islands are about to touch the ground, these falls almost dry, which further strengthens this mystical connection between the two kingdoms.
    Randoria, Randy, Farsla, Senitem, Tandra and Zyn are the manes of the 6 islands in the 1,9 million km˛ with around 50k inhabitants.
  2. Scruffy
    I like this map, it's a step up from where my skills are and the kind of thing I'm working towards. Congrats. I like the background too.
  3. aquarits
    Thank you very much!!!
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