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    " The Sands of Sadah " hold the most valuable treasure of the world . Knowledge of the past .
    In the dry sands , traces of an ancient and advanced civilization hide secrets that can dictate the paths that the future will follow. Old buildings of the people of Landale awake mysteries and curiosity of mens from all corners of the world . In this scenario we have the people of " Abiladi " and " Hassun " who dedicate their lives to the exploration of these sites .
    Families Harabi , Soltara, Mihandra , Jorah and Ranabo change together the political powers of the nation. During the domain, the power is completely diverted to the main palace of the family, at this time family and his subjects are responsible for explorations in ancient Landalian facilities . When a family explores the facility , the other engaged in studies and research of the artifacts found in the exploration and commercialization of some of treasures .
    With the help of Valdorn and Shangri - la , Abilad - Hassun has made great advances in searches and studies, lost such technologies have helped in the development of steam machines and the use of the oil found in the grounds of Tristania .

    Landalian Facilities

    These facilities are still a mystery . For generations families from the desert explore these sites . Other nations have tried to venture on farms , but only the sand people managed to thrive in the expeditions .
    To our knowledge , an ancient civilization with very advanced technology , inhabited the lands of Egos leaving behind a legacy that still influences the world , somehow still responsible for the survival of all . In " The Sands of Sadah " we find three of these constructs : Saladra , Kuoud and Kromah .

    Salandra - Power Plant: It is believed that this installation was responsible for providing some form of energy to support the cities of Landale .

    Kuoud - Machine Plant : Somehow this inhalation was responsible for military protection , or something , of some boundaries . Even with some assets , it is believed that this place can still manage some golems for self protection . Part of that technology was critical in advancing the development of trains and flying machines of Valdorn .

    Kromah - Climate System Plant : The most valuable and protected facilitie have found and researched . It is understood that the climate around the world is controlled magically by artifacts found throughout the building . The " Treaty of Purity " , established in 227 ab in Eurong . Determines that independent of friction between nations , all realms provide support of all varieties for protection and operation of this facility . In 302 ab , the failed " Agreement of the Sands " preached the establishment of a free and neutral government to support this protection , predicting that political conflicts were neutralized in these lands .
    Currently , a new political model is being discussed for the establishment of a neutral territory and world for the conservation and protection of this facility
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