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    "The kingdom of thirteen" as Shangri-la is known. 13 lords battled for centuries in The Lands of the East. In the west, the families with blood of Sang's family, migrating to the central part, which we know as "Blateau Imperial". To the east the Xinte's blood was defending the domains at margins of Izumo. In the midst of these conflicts, Shenda, the family elder among all 13 lords.Dispute between the varied field of mines and Sakuradites and old possessions, mixing greed, money and power in a land of endless battles for nothing. This change came in 150 bb, when the "Wild North" (tribalist people living in the forests between Shangri-la and Hassun) organized to expand what would be the beginning of new empire. At this time, the 13 lords fighting each other and faced a new enemy, who took advantage of the low structure, to take cities, one by one. Mei Shenda invades the battlefields from the central area with a sole purpose, ending the war between the 13 lords and defended from the Wilds. It was not a simple mission, however summed up in two great battles, "Flowers Sang Yang" (162 bb) and the "Battle of Liang Pei" (165 bb). Hazard in these two battles, the savages had already dominated the lands of Laur, to the town of Lee where five lords died in this period and Mei Shenda united the nation in eight new fronts. An agreement with Hassun was remarkably important, while the defenses Mei Shenda advancing in the resumption of their lands, Haome Sarah pressed the savages from the desert of north. The battles ended in 150 bb with fortification "West Gate" and the declaration of the Emperor by Shenda Family and with the construction of the imperial city of Shangri-la that six years later would name the nation
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