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    Finished Map thread:

    The best ideas comes from a war and Valdorn know that, transformed magic , engineering and curse in weapons to defend themselves . The protection of " free lands of the North" was given by atypical conditions . Sentenced by a curse the people of the district passed for difficult times. When your leader " Austin Barithon " fought their conflicts with the " Creatures of the Night" he was cursed to never see the light of day . The Queen " Elizabeth Valdorn " sent her forces to aid the district leader , a parallel task force secretly sent to the extermination of this evil plague.
    Led by " Carl Marlirs " , the task of the troops was to enter the gates of hell and defeat the fearsome " Sucumbus " . At this time , " Iris " , the fearsome threat , plotting to take the capital.
    Disconsolate by not find the leader of the " Creatures of the Night " , " Carl " and his band returned to the castle of the capital to find the queen in an emergency meeting in the galleries of the castle . " Lester Tylor " with " Austin Barithon " joined forces to present the queen a weapon to drestroy a fearsome foe : Engineering .
    Projects for the development of new weapons and equipment for combat, would need six months to be ready . In times of war on land of " Valdorian " this would be an eternity . Led by the Queen herself , the soldiers of the capital upheld the defenses throughout the time required for Lester and Austin could counterattack. They did not disappoint , however had to pay a price .
    Before being destroyed " Sucumbus Iris " the Queen was imprisoned in a crystal block putting in all the land of mayhem Valdorn . In the midst of this hell " Carl Marlirs " took the reins of the empire to find a solution to the curse that dominated the queen . His son " Seth Marlirs " still cares for the welfare of the kingdom .
    Recently, "Black Rose " lands of " Austin " were given as free . " Seth " and " Austin " believe that the black blood of their land may weaken the power of Valdorn be continued under the same monarch . The immortal " Austin " swear allegiance to the crown of Valdorn until the queen is free from the curse and that her grandson " Solon Valdorn " can take the throne.
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