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05-25-2013, 12:04 PM
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  1. Hurrikane Hektor
    Thank you!!!!

    Honestly, I have no idea! LOL

    I did find some hand drawn mountains and such on deviant art which I'm thinking of using, if not, I'll probably print it out and do it by hand. I don't know Photoshop that well to do it on the program. I only know a few basics. I'm a noob to PS as well. ><

    I have CC3, but for some reason, I couldn't get the PNG of it to show up in CC3. Not sure what I did wrong. lol
  2. Tomalak
    This is really amazing. I have never been good at making a spherical concept project onto a flat surface the way you have - mine always come out looking like they are really flat, but your looks the way Earth does on a flat projection. Kudos!

    Did you do it by hand? Or was there some tool you used to get that effect?
  3. Hurrikane Hektor
    Thanks! I drew the map by hand, then used photoshop to clean it up.

    (For the map, I used my wall to get the lands since it has a bumpy surface and texture! I traced parts of it, and in photoshop, I added the parts together until it formed a world. Then all I did was add in the graph background.)
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