Finished maps

In the rare occasion that I actually finish something, it goes here!
  1. Krig 
A map for the writer Aaron Henderson.
  2. Savanna 
A map for a role-playing group.
  3. Nalzambor (black and white) 
The print version of Craig Halloran's map.
  4. Nalzambor 
A map for the writer Craig Halloran
  5. The Cradle 
A zoom-in on a region from the Pangea map.
  6. A quick black/white map for a roleplaying group.
  7. Pangea 
A private commission for an RPG campaign set in a prehistoric fantasy world.
  8. The world of Bish 
Commission for the writer Craig Halloran. All place names copyrighted by him.
  9. Tundrakt 
A private commission.
  10. Continent of unknown name 
A private commission.
  11. This Is Not A Test – The Tri-State Wasteland 
My second map for World's End Publishing.
  12. This Is Not A Test – The Known World 
My first map for World's End Publishing.
  13. Exculta Mundi et Notum Partes (...) 
Part of the Kola peninsula in an alternative setting. For a novel I'm writing.
  14. Lacertus and the New World 
A second commission for the writer Kassim Massop.
  15. Lacertus 
A commissioned map for a novel by Kassim Massop.
  16. My first map, which I made for a novel I was writing at the time.
  17. Test/practice map for no special purpose
  18. Besseggen 
Map of the mountain Besseggen and part of lake Gjende, in Norway. Made as a christmas gift.
  19. North America, 90 million years ago 
Practice map.
  20. Commissioned map for UO Roleplay.
  21. Through the Splotch Isles 
Made for the May/June 2013 Lite Challenge, "Ahoy, Maties!"
  22. The Unangan Empire in 1967 
Made for the June/July 2013 Lite Challenge, "Alternate History".
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