Seoreh Ybedam Confederation Systems

These are the charter member star systems of Seoreh Ybedam Confederation, as well as outlying neighbors within the scope of this view. It is top-down "per the [galactic] plane", as their saying goes. The Confederation is the first large, cohesive government of this entire sector of the Milky Way Galaxy and goes through many ratifications before its end.

As anyone on here would seem to recognize, these are simply digital photographs of charts drawn by hand. The edges are too dark on the regular versions because the light was weaker there, and any attempts to splice brighter renditions of those star systems with the initial photo failed because Microsoft Paint is not that good, or I am not that good at it. Either way, this is the best I can manage. I do things with as little computer modification as possible.

The last image here is the same picture inverted. You can read systems at the edge of known space easier with this one.
  1. Confederation Map 1 
presented as a digital photo of its original form, silver paint pen on dark blue poster
  2. Inverted Confederation Map 1 
presented inverted, making it easier to read systems at the edges- and it is cool to see it with astronomical...
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