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Ordale's land, entire world

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08-01-2013, 04:07 PM
Worldmap "Ordale's land"
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  1. Jaqen Hagar
    Small explanation of my map:

    (no finished map actualy, work in progress)

    It is about a sketch of a world map for the universe of fantasy whom I am writing. It is a world of the kind Dark Fantasy. This map is the complete map of the Earth of Ordale. But for my story, just a small part (that where there is a majority of continents will be used. Other continents apparaitront probably later in the narrative). It is not ended yet, I use especially sketch of this one to know how to make it at best, and can be still modified in the future. If I counted well the map count all in all 91 cities. Most are concentrated in the North is. The South is less populated and investigated because of the hilly landscape, of its volcanic lands, and ravaged by cataclysms And of his estrangement also. Furthermore it is necessary to cross the ocean of the typhoon to reach it, what returns any risky approach, but not impossible by making a long bend by the East.
    The life in the world of Earth of Ordale is difficult. Of numerous dangers, wars, treasons, and conflicts of interests threaten his habitants.

    If you have suggestions, do not hesitate to announce me it, every objective criticism, and justified is welcome.
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