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Kerngard - private commission
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12-12-2013, 12:35 PM
Max's maps (Commisssions Album1 - with clients references)
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  1. DreamingNomad
    My idol... I want to be able to create such maps that can fuel imaginative thoughts and ideas.
  2. - Max -
    Thanks much!
  3. Wiltrichs
    Your maps are awesome! Exactly the style I would like to make, I'm going to have my first go at cartography in the morning and post a WIP thread
  4. Ilunar
    Beautiful work, Max!
  5. - Max -
    Thanks Vidar
  6. qwalker
    What a map. what an inspiration!
  7. - Max -
    Glad you like it!
  8. xerhino
    That knot-work illumination in the corners is fantastic.
  9. - Max -
    Thank you though I can't claim doing it, it's some vector stuff I used
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