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Kherash, private commission for a RPG setting.

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"Not only Maxime drew a map of high artistic quality but also provided useful tips to enhance the idea that I had originally about my world. He was very helpful and very professional throughout the creating process of the map , from our first discussion to the final product delivery. I won't hesitate to recommend him if ever you need a map and hopefully I'll hire him again in the future". L. Marchesi

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Max's maps (Commisssions Album1 - with clients references)
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  1. GreatWhiteNorth
    Max, your maps are absolutely fantastic! Do you mind if I ask what technique you use to shade your mountains? Do you hand paint all of the shading, or is there an automated tool (gradients etc)? I'm trying to shade my mountains to make them look less "flat," and yours are some of the best on the site in terms of cartographic realism.
  2. - Max -
    Thanks much! I use to paint all shades on mountains, using a graphic tablet.
  3. groovey
    Max, I swear there is not a single map of yours in here that doesn't leave me breathless in wonder.

    Congratulations sir.
  4. - Max -
    Thanks you Groovey
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