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Telduria - Commission map for a RPG Club.

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08-05-2014, 12:19 PM
Max's maps (Commisssions Album1 - with clients references)
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  1. Tomas L.
    I like the mood this one portrays. It gives me the sense that some difficult journey lies ahead in any direction. Great job with this one.
  2. - Max -
    Thanks, I had a lot of fun drawing this one
  3. Tomas L.
    Looks very much like you did. If I could afford it, I would have you draw my world, but I've decided I'll tread the dangerous road and try to craft it myself. May I learn a lot from you and the other cartographers here.
  4. - Max -
    Good luck with it! There's a ton of inspiring stuff here at the guild.
  5. scattergun
    Telduria, After spending an hour checking it out, I'm sure this place This map makes me want to go and find it..
  6. - Max -
    Hehe not sure it's such a welcoming place
  7. Knight of Roses
    I would LOVE to see a time lapse video of one of these styled maps. Anyway that's possible?
  8. - Max -
    that would be boring imfo Anyway this would mean some video work and I'm not really into this.
  9. Knight of Roses
    Aw, that's to bad. I would just love to see and example of how you create this from start to finish. Specifically a style like this.
  10. - Max -
    It would be a long run
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