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In a village called Gooseberry, ruled by king Hobnobbers III, a Troll Goblin often causes trouble by rampaging and attacking hapless ducks and even some villagers. At some point, this monster even has a taste for human toenails!
Hobnobbers has a growing concern caused by this terrifying creature that suddenly appears each night out of no where.
The king was actually a great warrior in his youth but now that he's gone senile, erm, I mean old, he can no longer protect his people.
Fortunately, a great young warrior has come to Gooseberry Village seeking adventure. He is Fartknocker, who traveled for a very long walk from over the hill and offers to lend a helping hand to the doddering old king.
After the two meet, when a lot of handshaking and repetitive introductions has been done, it comes to the point where Fartknocker offers his services to fight the Troll Goblin.
Of course, the king gratefully accepts the offer, whereupon they set about hatching an egg, erm, I mean a plan, to lure the troll-goblin out.
Based upon what the villagers tell him, the Troll tends to go on a rampage only when they eat a lot of Brussels sprouts and Mexican chili beans, or make loud gaseous emissions during the night.
Thus, with the method to cause loud emissions they are able to fart, erm, I mean force, the Troll Goblin to come out of its den and directly attack the king's Hall where Fartknocker lies waiting for him.
The fight turns out to be a rather lack-luster boot-to-anus combat where fartknocker manages to stick his boot up the rear end of the Troll. This causes the beast to retreat into the wilderness as it tries to remove the thoroughly wedged article of clothing and dies from exhaustion, or, perhaps constipation.
King Hobnobbers and his people of Gooseberry are overjoyed that the young warrior has vanquished their enema, erm, I mean enemy, and offers him tuppence for his troubles before booting him off their land, where they live happily ever after. Amen, erm, I mean, the end.

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  1. pionono
    A village map I did for a "Beowulf parody" RPG campaign back in 2001. The Troll hadn't got a name at the time, nor the streets, but the duck was called Duckduckgoose (if that helps).
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