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The Land of Gold and Silver Apples: this map was my (winning) entry to the February/March Lite Challenge, Map a Fairytale.

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03-19-2014, 06:27 PM
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  1. snodsy
    Really really, nice mountains !! and coast line. the background birds could be a little more scattered uneven, lighter? but nice job
  2. tainotim
    This is probably my favorite map on the forum. It's so detailed, homely, unique, and really brings out the spirit of this type of "story mapping". Much like a well written book, it captures a feeling , that few maps even manage to get close to. This would be my first pick at a cartographers choice out of what I have seen here the past year.

  3. Barek333
    I just stumbled upon this. Wow, this is beautiful. Not only as a map but as a story as well. One of the best maps I have seen here. Congrats!

  4. saria
    Just found this randomly and my goodness, this is amazing map, and the story is wonderfully done!
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