MOVEABLE MAP: Mystic Island: Known locations and schedule- MOVEABLE MAP

Behold, Mystic Island, the mysterious, cosmic island that shifts its location about the south Pacific ocean. As you move the pointer arm around the map and stop on the seasonal points, the 4 square "windows" in the map display the four known locations of the moving island and the schedule of when it will appear at each. Also at each date, the 3 other windows display a variety of dangers. From swirling maelstroms and vortices to shipwrecks and shark fields to giant octopi and crabs. Readers of the map must have both pieces of the 2-part map, as having only the top, windowed map WILL show the locations, but wont show what is at each spot at a given time of year. This could mean doom if a Capt. choose the wrong spot at the wrong time of year. And having the lower disc portion would provide no information except what the dangers are-not when or where they will be. How long the island stays at each location varies and is completely unpredictable, prompting the sailing vessels searching for it to make haste as the date of it's appearance approaches. Ships are advised to carry ropes long enough to reach from ship to shore. Should a crew find the island and go ashore, they must tie the ship off to the island itself. If they do not, the ship will be left behind should the island suddenly disappear, taking with it any crew on shore, and basically marooning them. Five more windows cut into the map, display a starry night sky filled with planets and galaxies that slide continuously as the arm moves around the map.

The map measure 12"x16" and is hand drawn on grocery bag with graphite, ink, and oil pencils. The disc apparatus is the same as above but also uses a cereal box and bent steel wire. This was so fun to do and has sparked numerous plans for upcoming projects. A couple side notes: As I was plotting the Lat/Long. I choose a place on my globe that has all the geographic features obscured by the globe logo and scale. Nearing completion of the piece, I looked at different "real earth" maps of the area I had mapped and discovered that the real Easter Island lay directly between my 2 fictional islands; Graybeard I. and Faraway I. Pitcairn I. also showed up almost directly under the finder arm hub. Kalimatos (far western edge) is a land mass roughly the size of Tasmania, that at the time of mapping, was solid. It is now broken into hundreds of small islands by volcanic activity. The scale is nearly exact; i.e. mileage on the scale to distance between lat. and long.
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