Asdar World Maps

Screen shots of my Asdarah World Map, a Freehand 11 file. Screen shots are employed as the map is too large for convenient display.
  1. MapPoliticalBarathornPytharnia2740
  2. MapPoliticalPallathantic2740
  3. Blue lines represent sea routes, while red lines represent overland routes.   
  4. This is a close-up of the Ithatian islands of the Pallathantic Sea. 
(C) KraigHausmann
  5. The continents of Barathorn (left or west) and Pytharnia (right or east) 
(C) KraigHausmann
  6. The continent Barathorn 
(C) KraigHausmann
  7. The northern portion of the continent Pytharnia and the uplifted Jaggudorn Mountains 
(c) KraigHausmann
  8. The eastern Pallathantic Sea 
(C) KraigHausmann
  9. The seas and surround lands: Pytharnian Sea (Left), the Pallathantic Sea (horizontal across middle), and the Memnosian Sea (south middle). 
  10. The northern hemisphere of the Old World 
(C) Kraig Hausmann
  11. The eastern hemisphere of the World of Asdar 
(C) Kraig Hausmann
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