N1 Against the Cult of the Reptile God

Maps from the AD&D adventure Agianst the Cult of the Reptile God. I did not map Orlane but if you run a search you will find my post for this and Bogie kindly displayed their Orlane map...and it is very nice. The dungeon maps were my first and well leave a bit to be desired, but are better than nothing, if only slightly.
  1. Dungeon1 
First map I ever made...not my best work but it works...Its also half size of scale, a mistake I fixed with later maps...still it worked ok.
  2. Dungeon2 
A bit better then Dungeon1 but still half scale. Not my best work but there was a lot of good learning.
  3. Foamy Mug Cellar
  4. Temple of Demeter First 
Changed the diety to Demeter to fit into my campaign but the floor plans did not change
  5. Temple of Demeter Second
  6. Temple of Demeter Cellar
  7. Slumbering Serpant Ground
  8. Slumbering Serpant Second
  9. Golden Grain Inn Ground
  10. Golden Grain Inn Second
  11. Golden Grain Inn Cellar
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