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Here is a collection of my most current maps. Sometimes finding the latest in a thread can be difficult so they will all end up here.
  1. Village of Marmenadir by sirinkman 
More of the new villages and towns from the Luma world
  2. The Village of Fuervald v2 by sirinkman 
More of the new villages and towns of the Luma world.
  3. The City of Haerlech by Sirinkman [50%] 
Started in February of 2015 for the Evolving Map challenge, Haerlech grew beyond the bounds of that...
  4. The Thurian Age  by sirinkman 
My entry for the Re-map a Pulp World challenge [Jan.2016]
  5. Umi No Toride [M1] by sirinkman 
Entry for the 2015 Commission a Guilder challenge - Larb and I commissioned each other.
  6. Lands of Qaliste [stage1] by sirinkman 
Full color version of Qaliste
  7. Olde Qaliste 01 by sirinkman 
Antique version of the Qaliste map
  8. On The Map version 01a[L] 
A map header done for the On The Map series of interviews with cartographers, here at the Guild.
  9. Britannia [alternate1] by sirinkman
  10. JS Menzheim [final L] by sirinkman
  11. GrayHound and Crow by sirinkman
  12. Northlands [L] by sirinkman
  13. Gondor [M5] by sirinkman
  14. Middle Earth lettering [M2] by sirinkman
  15. Rhovanion [m2] by sirinkman
  16. Middle Earth lettering [M1] by sirinkman
  17. Mordor [M4] by SirInkman 2015
  18. Sagemound [frontpage] by sirinkman
  19. Sagemound [backpage] by sirinkman
  20. Sagemound [history1] by sirinkman
  21. Improbable Island by sirinkman 
A map commissioned by a client for the creator of Improbable Island, a text based online game.
  22. Seyana  01a Frontpage[M] by sirinkman
  23. Seyana  01b Backpage[M] by sirinkman
  24. ESB Overview Map by sirinkman 
This map was a commission for a writer to use as inspiration for the writing of her story.
  25. Oasis Suruq by sirinkman 
Commission for a Guild member, for their campaign in the desert.
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