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Here is a collection of my most current maps. Sometimes finding the latest in a thread can be difficult so they will all end up here.
  1. GrayHound and Crow by sirinkman
  2. Northlands [L] by sirinkman
  3. Gondor [M5] by sirinkman
  4. Middle Earth lettering [M2] by sirinkman
  5. Rhovanion [m2] by sirinkman
  6. Middle Earth lettering [M1] by sirinkman
  7. Mordor [M4] by SirInkman 2015
  8. Sagemound [frontpage] by sirinkman
  9. Sagemound [backpage] by sirinkman
  10. Sagemound [history1] by sirinkman
  11. Improbable Island by sirinkman 
A map commissioned by a client for the creator of Improbable Island, a text based online game.
  12. Seyana  01a Frontpage[M] by sirinkman
  13. Seyana  01b Backpage[M] by sirinkman
  14. ESB Overview Map by sirinkman 
This map was a commission for a writer to use as inspiration for the writing of her story.
  15. Oasis Suruq by sirinkman 
Commission for a Guild member, for their campaign in the desert.
  16. Bourmout [colored] backsheet 
This is the back side of the Bourmout map with labels and town info.
  17. Bourmout [colored] frontsheet 
The frontside of the Bourmout map
  18. Su Med'hiruzh map 
This map was to test some city icons I made for a monthly challenge.
  19. Tenma House 
This map and architectural drawing is another location from the world of Luma.
  20. Frosthaven [2015] 
A commission I did recently for a fellow Guild member.
  21. The Isle of Shab'ra'tan by sirinkman 
This one might turn into some sort of adventure module or something.
  22. Islands of Paloket by sirinkman
  23. Bourmout [uncolored] test 3d MiD 2 
Original thread -
  24. Anthropos Iohanan   presentation 2a [edit] 
Original thread -...
  25. The Ruins near Cragford 01 
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