These are maps I created for my homebrew setting Angraenor. All were created using GIMP.
  1. Port Sol
  2. Xurmaks Nest 
This is the demiplane of a powerful demonlord - Xurmak, Wrath of the Dark Depths. It is entirely composed out of the countless wrecks...
  3. Kosmologie des Multiversums 
This is the overview for the cosmology of the planes in my homebrew setting. It was done in GIMP.
  4. Monastari Archipel 
This is a map I did for one of our recent campaigns. I hate the repeating patterns in the canvas background though.
  5. Angraenor (Political Map)
  6. Angraenor 
This is the geographical map of the sub-continent of Angraenor. I had to resize it, to be able to upload it. The original is larger (DIN...
  7. Kandamur II 
This is the political map of the nation of Kandamur
  8. Kandamur  
This is the geographical map of one of the most important nations in Angraenor.
  9. Ganiordaes & West-Skaliverni 
The map of two nations in Angraenor. The north shows only the western part of Skaliverni, because I only needed a map...
  10. Truvanesh 
This is a mining town in the nation of Kandamur.
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