IG's Maps

  1. Bjorah's Cliff - March/April light challenge entry. Didn't win, but I'm still proud of the map.
  2. A nice little fountain I made for my Bjorah's Cliff map.
  3. Seamless dungeons tile made for a lite challenge. Didn't win that one either.
  4. Amberfall Lake. After being absent from the guild for quite some time, I came back and made this map for one of the lite challenges. Guess what! I...
  5. temple composite
  6. Romeda
  7. Anuroch, area 27 in the CWBP
  8. The Savage Lands of Tiera Ka'al
  9. Port Magalie
  10. Qwinyon Shai
  11. Callie's Thicket
  12. Middlelake, Hammerfall
  13. Merrymeet, a village in Callie's Thicket
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