My real work (stained glass)

  1. Mountain; 2009; Kokomos and a few Wissmachs; started as a simple landscape but the lady had to have some flowers then the guy had to have some kind...
  2. Lake Saint Louis Transfiguration Episcopalian Church; 2004; Spectrum glass with hand painting; the figure is 6 feet tall and the window is 10 feet...
  3. Peacock entryway; 2008; Spectrum cathedrals
  4. My sister's bathroom; 2003; Spectrum opalescents
  5. Spring Swan bathroom; 2008;  Spectrum, Wissmach, and Kokomo opalescents
  6. Las Fuentes Mexican Restaurant; 2003; Spectrum and Armstrong opalescents
  7. Country living room; 2002; Spectrum cathedrals and opalescents
  8. Mary and baby Jesus for a private chapel; 2006; Spectrum cathedrals and opalescents with hand painting
  9. Autumn Arbor for a door; 2005; Spectrum white and Kokomo for everything else
  10. Gothic Style Entryway; 2002; Spectrum textured clears
  11. LaFarge replica; done for a private residence in 2005; Wissmach cathedral blues and Kokomo opalescent for everything else
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