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  1. Scape - a binary for us to play with has been released
  2. Procedurally generated British Countryside
  3. Photoshop - How to save large dimension jpeg or similar imgtype?
  4. Looking for a simple, yet effective map making software
  5. Digital map to .png or .jpg or .gif
  6. Gimp Won't Install
  7. OpenGL Texture Mapping [Equirectangular 2 Azimuthal Equidistant]
  8. Irregularly shape background .bmp
  9. Reprojection of a map
  10. new name generating app
  11. Wilbur Question
  12. Wilbur River Flow
  13. Started working with GDAL - Geospatial Data Abstraction Library - for work.
  14. Software recommendations for wargame maps
  15. Wilbur and Wine
  16. CC3 - Can I edit WWII Interactive Atlas maps with it?
  17. Looking for vector software that can handle complex paths.
  18. CC3 Question - Making moden roads look worn out
  19. Gimp 2.8.0
  20. CC3 Question : Is this still alive?
  21. The Gimp on a Mac - apparantly...
  22. Gimp and two colored grid
  23. Twisted Brush Studio
  24. CC3 What is it?
  25. Anyone use Tablet to work with Photoshop?
  26. Using Dwarf Fortress as a starting point for your maps...
  27. Adobe Photoshop Subscriptions
  28. Utterly lost
  29. Cosmic Pack 3 for photoshop
  30. What's a good cloud renderer for GIMP?
  31. Help with 3d mapping
  32. What do I need?
  33. NodeBox (beta)
  34. Pressure Sensitive Tablet Review: Adonit Jot Touch
  35. Paint Supreme going at discount of 60% on Bits du Jour
  36. Wilbur and 16 bit PNG surface.
  37. Giving Caampaign Cartographer 3 Away for FREE Ine exchange for a professional map
  38. Are there any good programs out there to make battle maps?
  39. Why it's so fun to write geography software
  40. Battle Map App
  41. iPad Cartography
  42. Dundjinni Question
  43. Is Wilbur able to generate mountains on an existing map?
  44. FM8 questions about textures
  45. Problems installing Wilbur...
  46. Looking for high quality map generator.
  47. Quick help! Lost in my own map
  48. Epical Online - 3D Rpg Virtual Tabletop
  49. Using brushes in photoshop
  50. Mapmaking in Bryce. Any advice?
  51. I can't use GIMP online.
  52. Mobile (DROID) Graphics
  53. Software for Creating Dugouts?
  54. Autorealm Alpha 3.0.1
  55. Photoshop CS2 is now free
  56. iOS maps for the UK from OSGB.
  57. Fractal Terrains PNG export resolution problem
  58. Gimp
  59. Photoshop Layer Style Confusion
  60. Free Fantasy Map Making Software?
  61. Other dowload source for Wilbur?
  62. Photoshop CS6 Extended rocks!
  63. Tutorial Generator PS (CS5/CS6) BETA
  64. Revit and city mapping....
  65. Adding graphics to Dungeon Painter?
  66. Tutorials on Gimp
  67. Anyone use Autorealm recently?
  68. GIMP crash in loading
  69. Beginner Help
  70. Fractal Editing
  71. Auto Realm Help!
  72. G. Projector 1.4.9 issues
  73. Photoshop slowing down
  74. profantasy cc3
  75. Looking for tile map editor that exports map data as text files
  76. Coolorus for Photoshop
  77. Moving Selections in Fractal Terrains
  78. Land Selection in Gimp
  79. Wilbur to gimp
  80. Deserts in FT3
  81. Wilbur - making deserts / coloring
  82. Recoloring in GIMP
  83. Making a river channel in gimp
  84. Any heightmap editors that know the heightfield is really on a sphere?
  85. Drawing metal fences in City Designer 3
  86. Finding textures and "sprites"?
  87. Adobe Creative Suite is on the chopping block
  88. good pc for photoshop use?
  89. Directory Opus - File Manager for Windows
  90. Help with Editing Real World Data with Fractal Terrains 3
  91. Photoshop Bevel/emboss question
  92. Help me save my map! (in Photoshop)
  93. Illustrator vs inkscape
  94. layer mask tool for photoshop elements
  95. Photoshop Query: Opacity and Colour Build Up
  96. Inquiry: Removing Harsh Lines In FT3?
  97. Dungeon Crafter
  98. Free mapping software
  99. Grid Cartographer
  100. The Realmsound project kickstarter
  101. Site for Downloading Real Maps
  102. Best Software for Curved Text
  103. advice on new laptop
  104. I need help bad
  105. Photoshop CC for $10 / month
  106. Black Ink
  107. Mapping Software Suggestion
  108. Xara Designer Pro X9
  109. what is the best program for my needs?
  110. CC3 Help! A white boxy border appeared!
  111. Need world viewer like FT3 or Google Earth but with labels and freehand features?
  112. I want to share my first filter for gimp to create maps on gimp, grass and sea
  113. Wilbur questions for Waldronate
  114. Real world map generator
  115. Can someone please help me with Software?
  116. Best way to manage icon sets in Photoshop?
  117. How to automatically crop or slice a bigger image into suitable A4 pages
  118. Wilbur Heightmap to FT3 struggles
  119. [CC3/DD3] How to do a cave waterfall?
  120. Wanting to do Gimp map with pixel by pixel accuracy with 7000 x 3778 resolution
  121. Converting map to normal map
  122. DUNGEONFORGE - anyone have a copy floating around?
  123. Leveller by Daylon Graphics
  124. Felimage and Macbook
  125. GIMP building brush problem.
  126. Any tool for projection conversions?
  127. Managing a big project in CC3
  128. Terrain Texture Shader released
  129. Fractal Terrains export resolution
  130. Intuos Pro Lagging
  131. trying to create map
  132. suggest software- can't draw
  133. How do I convert a CC3 map into a file I can upload here?
  134. Software to display Layered Maps.
  135. WACOM driver problems
  136. 3D user - modo 40% off
  137. Photoshop vs Illustrator vs Twistedbrush
  138. Question regarding CC3
  139. Campaign Cartographer 3 Question
  140. GIMP Pixel Problem
  141. AutoRealm coloring?
  142. Not getting any deserts in Fractal Terrains 3
  143. [WILBUR] Variable rainfall on Wilbur?
  144. Semi-random tile world generator I'm working on
  145. Kriegsspeil online
  146. I got a tablet (HELP!!!)
  147. Vectorisation (convert raster map to vector form)
  148. Best program to redraw an existing map?
  149. GIMP felimage noise plugin on modern Ubuntu (e.g. 13.10)
  150. Do you have a Photoshop book recommendation?
  151. Maptool currently in Kickstarter!!
  152. Tectonics.js - 3d plate tectonics in your web browser
  153. Inkscape - Fun with Filters
  154. Xara help
  155. Photoshop: fill layer with pattern or use pattern overlay?
  156. Help files/manuals for wilbur?
  157. Mapping Software Recommednation
  158. Need a program for RPG Maps
  159. Krita
  160. Wilbur, terrain editing now and the future.
  161. Wilbur and Fractal terrains
  162. Manga Studio 5
  163. Importing Image Subsection into Wilbur from Fractal Terrains 3
  164. Dungeon Designer Symbol Set 4 "The Dungeons of Schley"
  165. Is Campaign Cartographer a faux pas?
  166. Photoshop Brush Size
  167. Forgotten Realms style with GIMP?
  168. Profantasy's Fractal Terrains 3 & 3
  169. Looking for software
  170. In Need of a Prorgam
  171. Running Wilbur on the Macintosh
  172. Thoughts on FireAlpaca
  173. Using Game Editors to Generate Maps?
  174. Photoshop , gradient layer, textures and realistic imaging
  175. Boundless OpenGeo Suite 4.1
  176. Geomapapp question
  177. Fractal Terrains to CC3
  178. Is Cosmographer 3 worth it?
  179. Fixing a zoomed-in map that has become pixellated?
  180. A good app for linework?
  181. Some fractal terrain questions
  182. workflow Fractal terrains - Photoshop
  183. Tectonics.js
  184. Making a map in GIMP
  185. Shadows in Gimp.
  186. Calculating land area for your map?
  187. How to save in Fractal Terrain 3 Demo?
  188. Anyone use Dundjinni anymore?
  189. Looking for Symbol Sets
  190. Scanner Recommendation
  191. Looking for a bare bones VTT
  192. DEM creation problems
  193. Total Newbie, looking for help
  194. Software suggestions
  195. Plane to Sphere Software
  196. First Experience With Fractal Terrain Generation
  197. Vector equivalent of GProjector?
  198. Can I emulate photoshop's results with free software?
  199. Software for creating commercial-style city maps
  200. Other World Mapper
  201. Worldspinner: Fantasy RPG Worldbuilder & Map Maker
  202. Help with GIMP channel problem needed.
  203. Is somebody familiar with AUTOrealm ? Help needed.
  204. Best Image/Map Export Formats to use between software packages?
  205. WorldCreator (formerly GeoControl) and Photoshop
  206. What do people think of Other World Mapper? Will it be any good?
  207. New to digital mapping...
  208. Equirectangular to Gnomonic and back - for VR filmmaking
  209. Software for making a ship deck plan?
  210. Curious if anyone is using ESRI products?
  211. Software to make fantasy novel maps
  212. What is the largest file G.projector can export?
  213. To all graphic-tablet users
  214. Practical stamping tool
  215. Looking for software for frequently-updated town map
  216. Need help with CC3
  217. Again a problem with FT3 (Waldronate ?)
  218. Does anyone have Wilbur? Website no longer there.
  219. Israh Tutorial Issues
  220. Illustrator: Bucket filling around continental borders?
  221. Free original AutoCAD Full License!
  222. [PHOTOSHOP CS6] Difference clouds and Clouds are not showing up in render menu.
  223. Creating Sci-Fi Buildings using Campaign Cartographer
  224. Illustrator Script and Scaling Question
  225. Wilbur file problem
  226. Help Choosing a Program
  227. Freecad
  228. Tablet Buying Advice?
  229. Does Dundjinni have a CD version anymore?
  230. Good Floorplan Software?
  231. Looking for suggestiong on a drawing tablet
  232. 3D Map MAking Software
  233. Maps Wiki
  234. Adobe Illustrator maps and mapmaking
  235. Map sizes, hexgrids aso
  236. Wilbur
  237. City Designer 3 is not compatible with Campaign Cartographer 3 Plus
  238. Gridmapper: a web app to draw simple dungeon maps
  239. What are your thoughts on this map?
  240. Cc3+
  241. GIMP trouble ORA
  242. Is there a map making software that fits what I'm looking for?
  243. Photoshop and CC3
  244. Penrose Tiling Generator (free)
  245. CMUD maps
  246. World Map templates
  247. Scales, Areas - what software is best?
  248. Is now a good time to buy CC3?
  249. Thoughts on Fantasy Grounds?
  250. Neat find!