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  17. Looking for bare-bone map for internet Mighty Empires application
  18. CC3/Forgotten Realms Undermountain II maps: Looking for a scalable background tile
  19. Campaign Setting Map Request! (may be paid with original music)
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  22. New Memeber seeks Help ---
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  32. Saw mill
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  39. Is it possible?
  40. Commission available for surreal overworld map
  41. Not so much a request...
  42. Perhaps not a map, but a Request/Opportunity Nonetheless!
  43. Perhaps not a map, but a Request/Opportunity Nonetheless! (Part 2)
  44. A Blank Globe
  45. Maps For ArkEarth
  46. [unpaid]Maps for Classic Adventures
  47. Artist Poaching
  48. Create a City Contest!
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  50. Rifts
  51. From Paint to Professional
  52. Please help
  53. The pay sucks, but...
  54. Oh boy, oh boy!
  55. Map for a book?
  56. [Rite Publishing] Looking for a Cartographer.
  57. Huge World map request
  58. A map request
  59. city street battlemaps
  60. Sci-Fi Deck plans [unpaid]
  61. Wanted: Campaign map
  62. [Paid] Anyone care to quote me a price for an "artistic" regional map?
  63. [Unpaid] Map(s) Request
  64. [Paid] Fantasy-Renaissance map for book
  65. [unpaid] Hex Tiles
  66. [PAID] Metamorphosis Alpha - Starship Warden Deckplans
  67. Castlevania-style designs?
  68. [Paid] Deck plans
  69. Castle Grayskull
  70. Peninsula Map
  71. need sifi colony floorplans.
  72. [PAID] Need a modern map (i.e., downtown LA)
  73. Request: Fishing Village
  74. [PAID] Barebones using "Artistic Regional RPG Map" style (I already have the outline)
  75. Unpaid (For now) Map request.
  76. World Map Request [Paid, please send me a PM to discuss rates]
  77. [Paid? - Taken] Castle Amber Map [Unpaid unless exquisite]
  78. [Unpaid] World Design Project
  79. [Unpaid] Worldmap for a Browsergame
  80. An extremely interesting project...
  81. [unpaid]Wanna draw me a pretty simple map?
  82. Modern BUilding Map Request
  83. [Paid] In Need of a Custom Map
  84. [Paid] Need plans for a modern building
  85. [Paid, send PM] Island-Based Campaign Map
  86. [Unpaid] Textures and Objects
  87. [Paid] Maps and Deckplans
  88. [Unpaid or comisssion based] Map of Europe Request
  89. [unpaid] Simple map request
  90. [unpaid] Mapify my Map
  91. (Unpaid) Map request, Continent of Aerlinfall
  92. Admitally difficult mapping request, in need of help
  93. Rune City Mapping Challenge/Request....
  94. Looking for Map (Paid)
  95. Map Required
  96. Map idea
  97. [unpaid]P1 - King of the Trollhaunt Warrens
  98. [unpaid] Top of an earthmote map
  99. [Unpaid - Taken] Scepter Tower of Spellgard
  100. Looking for Urbis-compatible maps
  101. (Unpaid) Cold Northern Coastal Country
  102. Arab/Persian/Egyptian and Mediterranean Maps
  103. [Unpaid] Shadowfell "corrupted" map
  104. [taken]-[unpaid]Adding details to a map
  105. [Paid] Temple of Myrkul
  106. Map(s) requests [paid/barter/bribery] for a LARP
  107. [Unpaid] The Vale of Thorns
  108. [unpaid]Keep and its environs
  109. Large Overland Project
  110. Looking for some map work for new RPG site
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  112. [Paid?] world map assistance
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  114. [unpaid]Image tweak
  115. [unpaid]Hey all
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  117. [paid]Medieval Fantasy CC city
  118. [unpaid]Care to create a universe creation site?
  119. [unpaid]Fleshing out a very small town.
  120. [unpaid]Read Me
  121. [taken]-[paid]Paying Job -Work-For-Hire- RPG -CONFLICT MAPS
  122. [unpaid]Duel Arenas
  123. [paid]Bridgetown Races
  124. [paid]Cosmographer Work Needed
  125. [taken]-[paid]Continent of Agraan
  126. [taken]-[paid]Tavern map for Rite Publishing
  127. [paid]Realistic Higher Quality Large Map Project
  128. [closed]-[paid]World map for thenovel.org
  129. [unpaid]CITY MAP as soon as possible!
  130. [unpaid]Castle Del Montre
  131. [unpaid]Quickie for a sketchup user
  132. [unpaid]Looking for Clean (No Text) Detailed Map
  133. [taken]-[unpaid]Need generic fantasy map
  134. [taken]-[paid]World Map for Video Game
  135. [taken]-[paid]City Map, details within
  136. [Unpaid] A Mapping Project: Small, Fortified Port
  137. OPEN CALL: NEVERMET PRESS Looking For Cartographers
  138. [unpaid]A project
  139. [unpaid]Collaborative effort Fantasy Town Request!
  140. [taken][unpaid]Undead city
  141. [unpaid]Roleplay World Maps
  142. [taken]-[paid]Campaign Map
  143. [taken]-[unpaid]World Of Zyran - Creation
  144. [taken]-[unpaid]Map Redesign Request
  145. [taken]-[paid]Map Request for Arabian Fantasy Setting
  146. [taken]-[paid]Request map for PBBG based game!
  147. [unpaid]Need A Dwarven Clanhold
  148. [paid $20]Castle Map for adventure
  149. [taken]Seeking mapmaker for ongoing project
  150. [unpaid]Little map of a medieval Italian city
  151. [paid]Nevermet Press looking for Cartographer(s) for first publication
  152. [taken][paid]PBBG/MMORPG Fantasy map
  153. [Unpaid] City of Havenport
  154. [Unpaid] Fantasy Bronze Age Maps
  155. [Paid] Character art needed for upcoming book release!
  156. [Paid?] Midgard multi-tier city map + Main Inn
  157. [taken][un/paid]Map of the Nation Aethous
  158. [Paid?] Map for Roleplaying Group
  159. [Paid? - Taken] Strange Fantasy Map Please
  160. [Paid?] Worldmap for Online RPG
  161. [Unpaid] Simple Subterranean Critter Lairs Needed for PDF Product
  162. [Unpaid] Greek-style map
  163. [Unpaid - Taken] Celestia Planet
  164. [Paid?] Ultima Online Maps
  165. [taken][unpaid]A sad request, from a failure of a mapper...
  166. [Unpaid] Map for comparison
  167. [Unpaid] Island map for computer game
  168. [taken][paid]Two Fantasy Maps Required
  169. [taken][Paid, $50]World MMO Map
  170. [taken][unpaid]World Map
  171. [Unpaid] Request for planets
  172. [Unpaid] 4e wiki campaign development
  173. [taken][paid]Old School Hex Map Symbols
  174. [taken][unpaid]Fantasy/GamePitch (Independent Development). Guide Map Provided.
  175. Paizo Call for an Author/Cartographer....
  176. [Paid] professional cartographer wanted!
  177. [Unpaid] Lord of the Rings RPG
  178. [Unpaid] Maps for Gladiator-like D&D Combat!
  179. [Paid?] The Fight to Miranda Needs a World Map
  180. [Paid?] Font Modification?
  181. [taken][unpaid]Requesting a modern street lamp
  182. [taken][unpaid]Modern City Map Request
  183. [taken]Big Iron Vault requesting for a World Map with possible follow up work
  184. [Unpaid] Fantasy World Creation
  185. [Unpaid] Star Wars - Old Republic elements
  186. [Paid?] maps for Revenge of the Giants
  187. [taken][unpaid] I need a map for my fantasy novel
  188. [taken][unpaid]Build a WORLD with me!
  189. [Unpaid - Taken] In need of a map for my fantasy world
  190. [withdrawn][unpaid]Help me make some map(s) for my novel(s)?
  191. [taken][unpaid]Working of first Fantasy novel, would apreciate help
  192. [Unpaid] Fantasy City Request
  193. [Unpaid] Map Request for Story
  194. [Paid] Maps for AD&D Campaign
  195. [Unpaid] World and Region map requests for a conworld
  196. [Unpaid] Steampunk
  197. [Unpaid] Maps for a free Module
  198. [taken]Photo realistic map
  199. [taken][unpaid]simple map- FRPG village
  200. [taken][paid]map of planet for Sci Fi novel
  201. [Paid?] Rough Sketch Coastal w/ Large Island(s)
  202. [taken][paid]map needed.
  203. [taken][unpaid]Very Basic City Map Needed
  204. [taken]Could Someone Make Me A Continental Map?
  205. [Unpaid] Need Help with a Map Design
  206. [taken][unpaid]Assistance, if you please!
  207. [Paid - Taken] Fantasy Campaign Regional Map
  208. [Unpaid] Continent map for a conworld
  209. [Paid] Need Professional Cartographer to finish Map for fantasy series CC3
  210. A Map that needs a tweaksó Xara files.
  211. [Paid?] Need Help in developing a series of maps for a fantasy planet
  212. [Paid - Taken] Seeking Cartographer!
  213. [Unpaid - Taken] Fantasy Map Request - Southlands
  214. [Paid - Taken] Four Maps Wanted, Similar to Dragon Strike's Game Boards
  215. [Unpaid - Taken] DM hoping to treat his players.
  216. [Unpaid] Ruined city map
  217. [Paid - Taken] Need Mutant Chronicles map please :)
  218. [Paid?] "Historic" Dwarven Hilltop City.
  219. [Unpaid - Taken] dnd.chromesphere.com - Dragonshore Town & Region Map Request
  220. [Paid - Taken] Post Apoc North America - Atlas Style
  221. [Paid?] Looking for someone to spearhead a large project
  222. [Paid? - Taken] map objects
  223. [Unpaid - Taken] Could you please color my map?
  224. [Paid?] vector based maps of Germany and German cities
  225. [Unpaid] Fantasy City Map - Flying City
  226. [Paid - Taken] Medieval World Map for Risk-Like Strategy Game
  227. [Paid? - Taken] Fantasy Novel: Map concept request
  228. [Unpaid] Moving Castle
  229. [Unpaid - Taken] Computer Needed
  230. [Unpaid - Taken] Could Someone Edit This Map?
  231. [Paid - Taken] Work Request
  232. [Unpaid] Need help with Wizards Keep!
  233. [Paid - Taken] Cartographer needed to map dangerous and unexplored region, some risk involved!
  234. [Paid - Taken] Professional Maps for a Fantasy Adventure
  235. [Unpaid - Taken] Fast sketches needed
  236. [Paid] Fantasy Brewmasters LF World Map for real life Dwarven Beers
  237. [Paid - Taken] Game Map
  238. [Paid - Taken] cartographer needed for fantasy maps of world, region, and city
  239. [Paid - Taken] Citymap for a medieval-fantasy Roleplaygame
  240. [Paid? - Taken] Looking for collaborators (poss. paid)
  241. [Unpaid] Map Request
  242. [Paid? - Taken] Need a Dark Medieval City Map for a DnD Campaign
  243. [Paid - Taken] Ca 1300 DC Europe map needed
  244. [Paid - Taken] Slumbering Tsar Parts 2 and 3.....
  245. [Unpaid - Taken] Small Buried Temple needed - someone help me?
  246. [Paid - Taken] Island Map Request
  247. [Paid?] Hi Forum, I need help!!!
  248. [Paid] Map Icons needed
  249. [Unpaid] Would love help with Setting Map for a rough drafted Slavic Nation.
  250. [Paid - Taken] Alternate Africa/Arabia map