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04-15-2010, 06:02 AM
Finealy, first map don ever- all don that is... :) Pleas comment away :D


Serpentia- formed more than five-thousand years ago is the oldest nation in the world of Koroial, and by size only second to Thilandin. In the ruling capital of Armen sits the King- Eronivan and his council of advisers. This kingdom is a prospering one, for all of its five-thousand years of existent it has always bloomed. Not even the dark plague set a stop to that.

– Raznor, King advisor of the council, high mage of the people.

Serpentia is part of my Fantasy world Koroial in which I have held more than many Pen and paper games, I long time ago flashed out the cost lines and political borders of this far to the East kingdom and its Home continent of Ameldor. But I only recently found out my old notes and remembered an oooooold DnD campaign me and some friends played.

This was one of those greater games where all had made out a great character with a fascinating background, and I remember our group’s wizard coming from Serpentia himself, being the brother to the evil king advisor Raznor.

Now the whole game ended when said same player moved to the US. But now… he is coming back and have asked if we all cut come together for a big welcome home, and a game of DnD as in the old times.

And me and the other guys have decided that in honor of our times past and Mikals big coming home after to many years aboard- we are going to remake all the old characters, setting sails from The continent of Merendas towards Serpentian, to free the king from the will of our mages evil Brother. :D

Paint and Word.

Original hand drawn world 2 years :P.
This digital kingdom 5 days + the time I once used to make the coast lines.
Hours spend roughly 18.
original WIP thread: http://www.cartographersguild.com/showthread.php?9973-Serpentia-Kingdom-of-the-people

Ghostman for pointing out some flaws I haven’t seen myself (But you won’t get me to change that font)
The forum in general, for their warm welcome when I first got here, and all of the great advices and tutorials that have made my understanding of Cartography a huge amount larger, and my knowledge of art programs in all their forms and shapes.


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04-16-2010, 07:24 AM
cool, I always like digitilizing my several year old maps :)

I like how it almost looks like it was done on a peice of linen. Could do with some colour tweaking, but looks like a great start