View Full Version : Searching for one particular tutorial...(RESOLVED)

04-16-2010, 06:07 AM
Hi all!

I first joined the site late last year, so I could use a particularly awesome tutorial I found on here... Only, I lost it and can't find it again, but desperately wish to make another map following that particular method.

I have no idea who the author was, their name or when it was posted, but I do know that a partially completed map looks like this (http://images.fusilladeink.org/Map2.png), and when I downloaded the Tutorial, it opened in a word-type document, with images throughout it as visual aids to the written instructions.

Any help finding this would be fantastic. Knowing my luck I missed it, but I have searched for it, and just can't seem to find it.


04-16-2010, 07:04 AM
Well the color scheme and a few other details are different, but otherwise that looks allot like Ascension's Atlas Stye (http://www.cartographersguild.com/showthread.php?4084-Award-Winner-My-atlas-style-in-PS). That what your looking for?


04-16-2010, 08:47 AM
Yes, thank you, that is exactly it.

Thank you very much!!