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04-17-2010, 05:12 PM
Check out this thread on the Necromancer Games messageboard: http://necromancergames.yuku.com/topic/11454/t/a-thought-on-a-new-book.html?page=1 Bill Webb and Greg Vaughan appear to be going forward with a patronage project for all three parts of Slumbering Tsar. Part one has already been mapped, but Bill (Tsathogga) mentioned that maps were needed for parts 2 and 3 (see messages 9 and 14 in the thread). If you are good at meeting deadlines, have an artistic oldschool vibe, and interested in mapping a ruined temple city complex to Orcus and the caverns below, drop the folks at Necro a line.

07-15-2010, 02:10 PM
Any idea if this moved ahead or can I archive it?

-Rob A>

07-16-2010, 02:00 AM
I took the job.

07-21-2010, 12:37 AM
Thanks Sapiento - Archived.

-Rob A>