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05-05-2010, 07:40 PM
Okay.. in the game I'm running the players are part of a middle Drow House, their house only has one priestess in Lolth's favor (the cleric of the party), and she's actually a turncoat from another house, who has NO priestess in Lolth's favor...

The party has been handling other things, cleaning of internal problems in their house, threats from outside the city, and are in the middle of cleaning up a counter raid made by humans and dwarves who survived a raid made be the house with no functional priestesses.

After this their Matron (who's actually an Ur-Priest/Assassin as the way to stay in power without Lolth's favor) wants to start the process of finishing off the house who made this mess both to rise in power in the city and further her plots to prove Lolth's weakness..

So what I need is help with setting up the pieces to finish off the house. I've only read the first Drizz't trillogy and 1-4 of War of the Spider Queen... so while I have ideas... I'm short on details... and my players are all significantly better versed with FR's Underdark than I.

The system is Pathfinder, the time is after WotSQ (I know dumb to play in an era after the books I'm reading) without the 4thEd FR spell plague and other drastic changes. (If the party gets where I'm trying to quitely lead them... THEY will be the big changes to FR for the Underdark...)

Obviously this ends with a raid on the house, fighting drow nobles of various levels and eventually the matron and whatever lackeys I decide to use... but it's the encounters (rp and combat) in between here and there I need help with...

05-05-2010, 09:27 PM
Well I read the Crystal Shard trilogy, and the Drizz't books, I still have the Menzobarrenzan 2e boxed edition somewhere, what are looking for? Underdark beasties, Pathfinder Bestiary monsters, Drow mercernaries, Driders, what?? Looks to me, you've got plenty of encounters from other Drow houses, in addition to the enemy house you speak of.


05-05-2010, 09:38 PM
Mostly I need some kind of details for the timeline over the month prior to the actual attack... What would their matron ask them to go do? How could they screw it up? What other preparations would they see bits of as other members of the house worked?