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05-23-2010, 06:07 PM
I finally decided to enter one of these things! :D

My map is based on Hyperion by Dan Simmons, specifically the journey across the continent of Equus taken by the last group of Shrike Pilgrims on the eve of insterstellar war. (If you haven't read these books, you are definitely missing out.)

Here's the first WIP, showing the first bit of work on the continent of Equus.

05-23-2010, 06:20 PM
The shrike pilgrimage is a great idea for a journey map plenty of interesting, mappable things along the way.

My memory is a little vague, but i was thinking that Equus resembled more of the horse than just the head

05-23-2010, 06:24 PM
I'm pretty sure it's just the head. I re-read the books a month or two ago, and they don't make mention of any other part of the 'horse anatomy' except features on the head, so that's what I'm going with.

Also, a lot of geographical details are kind of hard to pin down, so I'm going to take quite a bit of artistic license with this. :D

05-23-2010, 06:41 PM
### Latest WIP ###

Added some color and effects.

05-23-2010, 07:56 PM
### Latest WIP ###

Coming along pretty quickly; I should be done with this by the end of the day.

Put in mountains (the southern range is speculative; no mention of it in the books) and some rivers, including the Hoolie (part of the Pilgrims' route). I'm not entirely happy with the mountains, but they'll serve. I also added in the major points of interest on the journey; still deciding if I want to add text explaining what happens at each stop.

05-24-2010, 12:54 AM
### Latest WIP ###

This might be finished. The only thing I purposefully changed from the books is the location of The Mane, which is in fact the eastern seaboard of the continent, no the western. But I just thought it worked better this way. :D

05-24-2010, 02:40 AM
looking good - been a lot of years since reading it, but I was just reminded of it last weekend as I watched "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" :)
and yes, those who has not read it are definitly missing out

05-24-2010, 06:29 AM
Simple yet cool = nice job. Love the colors and texture.

05-26-2010, 05:57 PM
Very cool Diamond!

05-31-2010, 01:53 AM
### Latest WIP ###

I thought the map's borders were a little too plain, so I added some stuff:

05-31-2010, 03:27 AM
nice stuff, but the outer edges are a little blurry and you should transfer some of the paper wrinkling to the edges of the actual map - otherwise it looks like a really smooth paper laying on top of wrinkeld parchment :)

05-31-2010, 03:36 AM
### Latest WIP ###

Hmm... what about this?

05-31-2010, 03:42 AM
outer edges still to blurry, but the wrinkling looks good :)

05-31-2010, 05:27 PM
### Latest WIP ###

Added in a little more definition on the outer edges of the 'parchment' and some charred areas. I think I'm in danger of overworking this now, so this will probably be the final version.

06-01-2010, 04:27 AM
better- but still feels a little blurry - sorry... maybe its my eyes *lol*

06-01-2010, 05:11 PM
I'm no expert, but I'm guessing the 'blurriness' that some people are reporting is artifacting from JPG compression. You might try saving & posting it as a PNG file.

06-01-2010, 08:40 PM
It's actually a result of feathering the edges of the parchment under-layer (the brown-tannish outer border section) to try to give it a feel of the edges disintegrating over time. I guess it's a failed experiment. If I have time before the deadline, I'll try to go back and redo it, but things may just have to stand like this...

06-02-2010, 03:11 AM
yep - Diamond is right - its only the edges of the document I'm bugging him about - sharp edges, thats what the people want *lol*

06-02-2010, 03:22 AM
I'll make sure Sharp Edges For Everyone is one of my platform promises when I run for office. :D

06-02-2010, 04:17 AM
yeah - lets get a mapmaker in office, I can see the signs "MAPPING THE FUTURE OF THE USA" - you got my vote ;)