View Full Version : ...make tolkien style forests in photoshop?

05-29-2010, 07:06 PM
Well, i'm doing my new campaign map and i need help to do a map. I'm trying to use the same mountain and forest style of Tolkien, because i love that, and i know that the user Ramah uses it too. So i get some forest brushes for PS CS4, but i have a problem i have to do a big, very big, forest area on the map i tried the automatic forest tutorial but i couldn't use it because the max. image size i can use on that its 1024 px X 1024 px, and my map its 3900 px X 4500 px.

So i wanna know if you know any way to do a big area of forest without spending much time. I have already tried the Automatic Forest and the clone stamp tutorial, i really need help '-'...

05-29-2010, 09:53 PM
What you can do is chop out your forests into smaller pieces, and do a mask for each individual forest.

that's how I've been using the forest generator, works wonderfully.

If one or more forests are larger than 1024x1024, you can still do it, just chop the mask into 2 or more pieces with overlap, and then mask/erase as needed to stitch them together. the WIP thread for my New Empire map may be helpful to you..
and here's where we started talking about multiple files for masks in the forester thread..