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06-09-2010, 01:00 AM
Hello all,

I have Campaign Cartographer 3 (CC3) and I've just started getting into learning how to used it. Our group is about to start a campaign soon and I'm setting it in the world of Birthright (specifically the country of Roesone). As part of a learning exercise, I want do duplicate the style of map they present in country guidebook. The map I'm trying to duplicate is here:


I've loaded this into CC3 and traced the coastline and rivers. I'm at the point where I'd like duplicate some of the hand-drawn features of the map:
- the shading and/or lines off the coast and rivers,
- the rough and uneven nature of the roads,
- patches of farmlands, trees, etc.

After poking around a bit, I'm suspecting that this all may be easier to do in something like Paint.NET (or ideally Photoshop if I was made of money!). Any tricks or tips out there where I could get the effect I'm looking for? Ideally, I'd like to have the zooming nature of a CAD program like CC3 but I'm not sure how much of that I'd really use. CC3 is great for a specific style of map but I'd like to do something similar to the existing style.


06-11-2010, 02:06 AM
Well, having given CC3 a try - the constant crashes are just killing me for what I want to do. With the unstability of the software I think I'll try looking for an older copy of Photoshop and give that a go.

06-11-2010, 07:45 AM
You may also want to try the GIMP, it's a free graphics editor comparable to Photoshop. You can download it from http://gimp.org