View Full Version : WIP/Critique will be closing! READ ME for info on future WIP Posting.

10-30-2007, 07:45 PM
We will be closing the Gallery WIP/Critique forum in favor of a more organized method of sharing work in progress. Considering that some of the most useful mapping hints and tips can be found in other people's Works In Progress posts, placing these posts in their appropriate Mapmaking Discussion forum makes much better sense.

Therefore all future WIP/Critique posts should go in the Mapmaking Discussion & Philosophy subforum to which it best applies.

Guild Community Leaders and I will begin moving threads soon and the process may take a while considering the proliferation of WIP threads. If you forget and post in the WIP forum, that's ok for now because we will simply move the misplaced thread and eventually close that sub-forum.

Remember that finished maps should go into the Finished Maps forum--although it's quite all right when you are finished to post a final map there that already has a WIP thread associated with it.

10-30-2007, 10:27 PM
AND...its done...Moving the threads and reorganizing the ones that didn't fit into existing sub-forums took a very short amount of time, and I didn't even have to rely on the community leaders to do all my dirty work for me.

If you can't find your thread, remember you can always use the search function, or if you remember what type of map it was it will be in one of the sub forums specific to that type...Otherwise it'll be in the new General map making forum.

This should help with organization!