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06-19-2010, 01:16 PM
I'm trying to layout a 1x1 inch grid on a rather large map. I have had success using the define pattern technique before on smaller maps, but for some reason when I add the new fill layer for this pattern the 1x1 squares turn into a sort of plaid with rectangles and different size squares. I'm sure this is a ridiculously simple fix, but my efforts to search the interwebs have failed me.

Thanks in advance.

Steel General
06-19-2010, 01:18 PM
Check the mapping elements forum, I beleive someone posted some grid patterns.

06-19-2010, 02:25 PM
Thanks, I'll look there. Is there any reason that it would work perfectly sometimes and then not others? G

06-19-2010, 04:40 PM
Depends on the size of the pattern. If you're using something like a 10 x 10 pattern then when you scale it up for a larger spacing then you get little gray parts. The fix for that is to make your own pattern. Make a new document that is 1 inch by 1 inch, create a new layer, use a pencil of size 1 to 3 and draw a line down one side and across the bottom. Hide the background then Edit- Define Pattern (in photoshop)

06-19-2010, 04:51 PM
I tried that too. First I tried creating a pattern based on a 1" x 1" new document (300dpi). Ctrl-A to select all then stroke with a 2 pixel inside stroke. Use that as the "define pattern" and it turns out poor. So I looked on the net to find tutorials on here, youtube, and the internet in general and found the "L" type grid to define the pattern (the 1-3 pixles down the side and across the bottom). Still no result worth keeping.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm sure I'm not the only one that's run into this problem.

Thanks for the help, G

06-19-2010, 06:27 PM
Could you post your pattern, and a small snippet of how it looks on your map?

06-19-2010, 07:57 PM
Here's the two items. The file I used to make the pattern is a 1x1 inch with a stroked border. The image labeled plaid is the outcome when I try to fill a layer with the pattern. Something is fishy. When I try it on just a 10 inch x 10 inch canvas it turns out fine.

Thanks again for the help.


06-19-2010, 09:19 PM
It looks plaid only when zoomed out, as in the thumbnail. At 100% (full size) it looks fine.

06-19-2010, 09:54 PM
As Ascension says, there's no problem with your file.

At any magnification smaller than 100%, what you see on screen is an approximation of your file, because there there aren't enough pixels on your screen for every pixel in your file.

If this effect bothers you zoom in, and/or make the lines of your grid-pattern thicker.

06-19-2010, 10:21 PM
I thought it was something stupid.. the stoopid me. :) The noob has left the building. Thanks for the help!

06-20-2010, 08:33 PM
This is an effect called Aliasing and you will hear it more when referred to the method to get rid of the effect which is called Antialiasing. If you want to know more about this stuff then read my tut on the technical side of images.


Specifically post #9 & #10 in that thread.
Unlike the text in #9 & #10 tho you have the high res information in the image but the zoom out with the software your using is whats causing the issue so its more of a fault with the software than your work. I use an old version of PSP and it does this for me too. Its very common and not taken into account by most software writers.

06-20-2010, 10:11 PM
Thank you! I'll give it a look.