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06-21-2010, 04:12 AM
So, after posting my original hand drawn map; I checked out the quickstart guide, and started working on re-engineering my continent map. Thanks to Ascension for his tutorial (Atlas style) I took that to re doing my first map. It's been a while since I've used photoshop, so I'm having to relearn some of the things along the way, but I think I'm learning some new ones. It took me about 10 minutes though to remember how to make a custom brush.....(artists lapse >:( )

In any case, here is map in the works after a day; because I already had placements for the mountain ranges, I had to adapt the mountain creation to fit within those smaller areas, which forced me to figure out to make a 'clouds' brush to fill in the much smaller coastal ranges. Here's what I got so far; Hopefully when I get to them I won't have to redraw TOO many of my rivers, most won't be important.

Also, a question I can think of, anyone know good way to make canyons and gorges?

Edited (Day Two)

06-21-2010, 02:32 PM
At that scale you could use the bevel and emboss for canyons and gorges and reverse the light direction so they look like they're going in....Nice work btw and welcome to the guild.

P.S. Somewhere in the tutorial section there's a really interesting tutorial about using the smudge tool (IIRC) to make canyons etc....can't remember which one though.

06-22-2010, 02:35 PM
So, here's the completed continent without names of places, just geography.