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06-24-2010, 07:30 AM
Howdy Folks - As a newcomer here I thought I'd better get the painful step of posting my WIP so all you experts can tell me where I went wrong and what I could do better:). For those who haven't read my intro thread some brief background - I'm a (mostly 3d) artist and GIMPer and my art is almost all set on the fictional planet of Inthandonia, which due to random cosmic uncertainty has a stronger magickal field than most ordinary planets. There is an over-riding story line involving Wizards, Dragons, Aliens, Vampires and the usual epic battles one finds in such fantasy settings. For more background info you can see my website at www.wizitch.com (http://www.wizitch.com).
Anyway, such an epic world inevitably requires a map which inevitable leads to my posting this WIP on this most excellent forum.

Regarding the map so far - I'm aware of several shortcomings already: firstly it's probably not big enough (3024x1171) and secondly you river purists may take issue with some of my rivers. See? I've already learned a lot from you guys here!).

The landmasses were actually 3d terrains made in Vue 6 Pro Studio which I rendered from above to create my background textures. The resulting image was moved into the GIMP where everything else was done. The 3d embellishments (ships, compass, dragons etc) are all derived from high resolution 3d models which I constructed mostly using trueSpace 7.6 except for the cheeky little nymphs which I trawled from the net.

The Western continent of Deggia is pretty much mapped out in general terms and will probably only receive a little more work. The Eastern continent, home of the Thanian Empire needs considerably more development as so far the events in my ongoing story (Wizard Wars: The Chronicle of Inthandonia) have mostly happened here so I have more pre-existing locations to ...er... locate!

So, there it is - I'd appreciate any comments, criticisms or compliments from the forum as I'd like to create a nicely polished map out of this. Any suggestions or feedback what-so-ever is welcomed. I'm at the stage of needing to collapse a few of my layers (currently around 30 of 'em) as my PC is starting to struggle to keep up.

06-24-2010, 08:34 AM
very nice map... a bit blurry though, seems like you've spent a lot of time on the border, and not as much on the map it self... :)
the left most girl stands on nothing and the dropshadow behind the title seems a little out of style since all the other stuff (even the 3D stuff) is "anchored" in the map.
nice continents but I feel they fall a bit in the background with all the "noise" of the map/ocean/land/lines/etc