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06-30-2010, 02:23 AM
First time listener, long time caller!

Scratch that. Reverse it. :-)

I am looking for several maps for a campaign that I have recently begun.

The artist(s) would retain any rights they'd like; I'd be using these for personal use only.

I'm honestly not sure yet exactly what style I would like them to be in, but would prefer them to be in a relatively editable format, like CC3 or the like, so that I can easily make minor changes/updates to my copy. Vector is a must.

The first is a continent nearly 2,500 miles across, with the western shore being nearly impassable mountains, excepting a bay and a few other points of interest. Much (40-60%) of the continent would be overtaken by an enormous desert. I'd like this map to be pretty detailed, which is why I'm planning to pay for the work.

The second is a version of the same continental map, but incorrect and incomplete (players' view), showing only the western shore correctly, with a few outposts marked. But the interior would be vague and generally wrong. A more hand-drawn style would be perfect for this.

The third would be a regional overland map of the area surrounding a bay in the western mountains. One of the only possible landing points along the western shore, this bay is vaguely reminiscent of the San Francisco Bay. Except the mountains are much, much higher. :-)

The fourth would be a "city" map of a very small frontier outpost along that bay. It would need to include some small surrounding areas, such as the farms and a few ruins and hideouts, but the scale would be no larger than a mile to a side. It's intended to feel like San Francisco in the gold-rush period, but further inland, rather than on the end of the peninsula.

There will also be other works in this set, once the campaign progresses and I see where they go. :-)

Since I am new here, private messages are not an option, but I can be reached via email at <user>@<user>.net where <user> is my username, plambert.

Feel free to send me portfolio examples, and estimates of the cost of these works, and I'll respond to work out the details.

My timeline is flexible, but I'd like the regional map first. Thursday would be nice, along with a pony. And some ice cream. :-)

We can discuss a realistic timeline with the rest of the specifics, based upon our decision of how detailed the work should be.

Please let me know if I've forgotten anything important, and thanks to everyone for such a great resource!


06-30-2010, 02:42 AM
Darn, I would have been interested in this but I only have experience working in Photoshop (non-vector). Hope you find someone really talented--and you're right, this is the place to find such a person.