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06-30-2010, 09:23 AM
I created this map by essentially "tracing" the various regional maps from the Mongoose Publishing - Runequest 2 "The Second Age" world books. I'm not submitting it here with any regard to it being any kind of "work of art" by a long shot! Its main purpose for me as a GM was to get a "handle" on the geography of that game and to have something I could mark up showng the various political or tribal or whatever aspects of the game.
Fractal Mapper's layers were ideal for this.
However, posting a image file of this thing would largely be a pointless exercise. The thing is far too large and it's usefulness lies in the users ability to mark it up and change it for their own needs. So I'm attaching the .fmp source file in a zip archive. If it will fit!
It has layers I've already done regarding what I think is the politcal map, but this data is purely my own reasoning - not "gospel". Also - the map is not slavishly accurate, utilising FM8's fractals for the lines so match up with the books is "approximate". The central area is also very dense and it's better to use book data for details in there.
I've tagged this posting as WIP since this sort of file will almost always be WIP!
This is literally just a thumbnail of a thumbnail - to give a visual clue as to what on earth I'm on about!
I have emailed Mongoose and received permission to publish it here.
The fmp file was produced using Fractal Mapper Version 8.01a
I hope people find it as useful as I do.
Zip File