View Full Version : July Entry: The Air Nexus Station at Sanz

07-16-2010, 01:44 AM
We have here the Air Nexus Station at Sanz in the Holy Centralian Empire. After the discovery of aether lines (or ley lines) in 2249 by Magister Magicum Sebastian von Greifenbolz, on order of High Emperor Baldur VIII the Empire began the construction of nexus stations to amplify the line power and creating a continental network of aether lines on which aether ships can travel.

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07-16-2010, 04:01 AM
yep.. I'll just take another line of aether ;) ... very nice... you need some shadows on the small houses - and one of the nexus' shadows pierce a tree :)

07-16-2010, 05:32 AM
I know. There are still some flaws in the image.

07-17-2010, 02:06 PM
Almost finished.

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Aval Penworth
07-17-2010, 07:01 PM
I love this style you have developed. The cut away of the spires is a nice touch too.

Is there any way you could make the airships 'pop'? Perhaps a slight change in contrast to the background? Or underside shading?

The oval windows jar for me also. I realize that the medieval style can have kind of wonky perspective. That is part of it's charm. However the windows diverge from the base of the wall, in the same way on all spires, (suggesting copy and paste) contradicting the prevailing style. imho.

07-18-2010, 03:54 AM
really cool... perhaps a slight rippling of the air around the ships would be nice and make them stand out more :)

07-18-2010, 04:19 AM
Ok, I added some special effects to make the ships stand out more. Too much?

Regarding the different style of houses and locus: I think as a locus follows some aetherical-magical laws it would also be necessary to construct the buildings in a special way that correspond with this laws. Therefore two different styles. I tried to align the windowss with main dimensions of the spires, perhaps I didn't completely succeed.

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07-18-2010, 07:26 AM
I don't know if its to much, perhaps a little... it would however perhaps be a bit scary to be onboard ;)

07-18-2010, 07:33 AM
Maybe just a tad less opaque on the outer glow, but I love the effect. It looks like your hair would stand on end inside them ;)

Steel General
07-18-2010, 07:53 AM
Nice job overall Sapiento, the Aether ships remind me a bit of the ships from the Matrix movies with the lightning effects

07-19-2010, 05:07 AM
Thank you. I imagined the magical-aetherical field of a ship becomes more visibly and creating strong energetic effects when it approaches a locus. The field of the locus and the field of the ships motivator-crystals influence each other (how nice to invent some magical-techno-bla-bla ;) )

07-20-2010, 11:47 AM
A little playing around with the energy field around the ships. Probably the final version.

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07-20-2010, 12:01 PM
Sapiento that's beautiful! Cuteness on a stick!!! Love the style. It's like an illustration from a children's storybook.

07-20-2010, 03:32 PM
very nice map. I love the buildings!

07-21-2010, 02:13 AM
Thank you! The buildings - apart of the pyramids - are hand drawn, scanned and traced in Illustrator, then coloured in PS.