View Full Version : Ortelius 1.1 Introduces Professional-Level Map Symbol Management

08-09-2010, 12:15 PM
Mapdiva, LLC is pleased to announce the release of Ortelius 1.1 map design software for Mac OS X. Ortelius 1.1 is a major update which introduces a professional-level symbol Library Manager and many workflow enhancements. This update is free for existing users. Ortelius is a vector-based drawing program made especially for map design and presentation. Ortelius offers a creative solution for floor plans, landscape plans, scaled drawings, and a wide variety of high quality custom map graphics.

Experience a greatly improved approach to managing large collections of cartography symbols. With Ortelius 1.1, Mapdiva has paved the way to some exciting developments, including web-based cartography collections supplied by Mapdiva and shared by Ortelius users themselves. This update greatly enhances symbol management performance and work-flow flexibility. More… (http://www.mapdiva.com/2010/07/ortelius-1-1-introduces-professional-level-map-symbol-management/)

08-19-2010, 03:38 AM
just looked at your page - it looks nice, but what I'm missing is a lot of samples maps so I can see what can be done with it. For instance, all the maps are modern type - can it do anything else? :)

10-26-2010, 02:03 PM
Hi tilt,
thanks for taking a look :) Ortelius has a wide variety of styles to support different map types. You can add images and textures as well. We do have users that are creating maps of a more historical nature, though since it is vector-based software it tends to be well suited for modern maps. Adding a gallery is a great idea - one we'll look into supporting.