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11-09-2007, 09:22 AM
I found this little gem on the Making Light (http://www.nielsenhayden.com/makinglight/)website:

Deaths taken out of the Register of Lamplugh from Janry ye 1 1656 to Janry ye 1 1663

On a five bar gate, stag hunters: 4
Two Duels, first fot [fought] with frying pan and pitchforks: 1
Second between a 3 footed stool and a brown jug: 1
Kild [killed] at Kelton fell raices [races]: 3
Knocked on the head at Cockfight: 2
Crost [crossed] in love: 1
Broke his neck robbing a hen roost: 1
took cold sleeping at Church: 11
hanged for clipping and coyning: 7
of a sprain in his shouldr by saving his dog at bul bate [bull bait]:1
Mrs Lamplugh’s cordial water: 2
Knocked on ye head with a quart bottle: 1
Frighted to Death by faries: 4
Of strong October at the hall: 14
Bewitched: 7
Broke a vein in bawling for a knight of ye shire: 1
Old women drowned upon trial for witchcraft: 3
Climbing a crows nest: 1
Led into a horse pond by a will of the whisp: 1
Over eat himself at a house warming: 1
Died of a fright in an Excersise of ye traind bands: 1
By the Parsons bull: 2
Vagrant beggars worried by Esqr Lamplughs housedog: 2
Choked with eating barley: 4
Old age: 57

Original web source here (http://www.whitehaven-news.co.uk/localhistory/viewarticle.aspx?id=440927)

11-10-2007, 10:53 AM
Some of these are amazingly suggestive! Wow--this was a gem. Very fun to read!