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11-13-2007, 02:39 PM
don't forget to go to the member introductions forum and post an intro thread Yeh I wrote one when I joined, and crashed my browser before I could post it. Doncha hate that.

Anyway, I've been trying my amateur hand at maps of various kinds for many years. "Maps" to me means not only terrains, but family trees, graphic chronologies, and all manner of infoporn. Game boards, too, to me, even the abstract ones, are maps. In fact, when I see terrain maps, I want to start moving my pieces on them! :)

A random sample of some of my maps ...

http://www.worldearcane.com/Maps/maps.world3D.jpg Worlde Arcane
http://www.worldearcane.com/Maps/maps.arrowspine.jpg the island of Arrowpsine
http://www.worldearcane.com/Maps/maps.thapelel.jpg the continent of Thapelel
http://wayfarer.mysteryandmagic.com/Samples/Map_Of_The_Platinum_Empire.jpg The Empire Of The Platinum Elves
http://gonewest.mysteryandmagic.com/_Map_v2_supersize.jpg Gone West game area
http://lattice.mysteryandmagic.com/discus/messages/544/trecamermap.jpg Trecamer (poor bastards!)
http://www.mysteryandmagic.com/MysteryAndMagicTimeline.jpg Timeline (map of the RPG lifespans at M&M)
Meh, enough. :?

So ... hi.

11-13-2007, 03:17 PM
Some seriously beautiful examples there toff! Welcome!

I'm sure Arcana will be along presently to pop an 'industry Pro' label next to your name.

I really love the timeline - and the Gone West map is really beautiful too.

11-13-2007, 03:45 PM
Hoya töff-

Some nice work there!

I particularly like the map of the Platinum Empire and the way you "hinted" at the city and farming details.

And a western map.... Did you notice our Monthly contest?

-Rob A>

11-13-2007, 03:47 PM
He is quoting me in his post above. That was from Gamerprinter's challenge thread. I tried to talk him into taking on the challenge, but he said no. :(

11-13-2007, 04:07 PM
That's kind of you, re my maps, and optimistic re the pro badge thingy marker doodle.

My latest works in progress are ...

... a whackball thing looking a bit like a subway map. It's a "story map" showing character locations in a convoluted adventure in Worlde Arcane. It's basically an experiment to help me learn how to do this kinda thing. I wanted to do one for season 1 of the TV show Heroes, but I doubt I'll be able to prioritize that, no matter how good a learning experience it would be. HERE: http://www.worldearcane.com/cgi-bin/discus/show.cgi?tpc=8643&post=98748#POST98748

... and a fantasy city map in Flash. This is my first Flash piece. I'm quite a n00b. If I can keep at it long enough, maybe I can make it work. It's no more than a flat image from Illustrator/Photoshop, with an Actionscript scroll/zoom interface and hotspots to click on ... which can be done without Flash, but, like I said, this is an excuse to try to learn something. And if I can learn, I want to put a "zoom to (some location)" menu feature. HERE: http://worldearcane.com/Maps/Trinsic/_%20Trinsic%20Map.html

I only said no to the western map challenge because the map already existed. I dunno, I just have a thing about each contest entry kinda oughtta be something made new for the contest.

11-14-2007, 10:57 PM
Very nice work, Toff. Glad to have you aboard! :)