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08-24-2010, 04:30 AM
Interested in upping my map-making skills. Recently bought a tablet to (hopefully) make things a little easier. Tried to download the GIMP, but something went wroong with the installation and it didn't work, so I'm going to go with Photoshop instead. Was wondering if GIMP tutorials are usable (for the most part) with Photoshop? Are there brush packs for Photoshop that I should be getting? Any tips would be helpful. Great website!

08-24-2010, 04:57 AM
Don't worry about brush packs until you've got the basics of PS figured out. Just a suggestion. You can download them if you want.

Steel General
08-24-2010, 08:37 AM
Welcome Aboard!

There will be some differences between GIMP & Photoshop tutorials (primarily layer effects). Create a WIP thread for whatever you are working on and pose any questions you have there, someone will be along to answer before to long. :)

08-24-2010, 12:36 PM
Welcome to the Guild!

08-24-2010, 05:33 PM
I try not to use any add-ons in my PS tuts, just straight out of the box PS stuff.

08-27-2010, 01:23 AM

I mostly use the brushes that came with PS; there's a pretty wide variety. I will admit, however, to using a brush pack that came with a Gnomon Workshop video I bought myself last winter. They're pretty awesome, as is the video...I'm not getting paid by Scott Robertson, just shilling for free, but check it out sometime: http://www.thegnomonworkshop.com/store/product/332/Creating-Unique-Environments%2C-DIGITAL-DOWNLOAD

08-27-2010, 04:00 AM
welcome to the guild, I'm also working mostly with the brushes supplied with photshop, but have added a few since then - mostly effect brushes. But you can do everything with the stuff in the box :)