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09-02-2010, 03:09 AM
After ages of scouring the net for the right style for my main map I found an epic map in one of the most obvious of places, wikapedia. This is a huge well detailed map of the topography and some climate variation of china and parts of other countries of asia. I want to do something like this for the full sized map of the Dal Lands but have no idea as how to do it. Does anyone know of any technique in photoshop or other program that could be used to replicate this style or something similiar to it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The image below was taken from the following site http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:China_topography_full_res.jpg


09-02-2010, 04:15 AM
Check out Tom Patterson's shaded relief website...it has a number of tutorials on this style, but using real world DEM data. You could use Fractal Terrains or Wilbur to generate fantasy data though.

09-05-2010, 03:59 PM
That map style is my favourite, but I have never considered putting a lot of effort into making one like that. Since I've had so many setbacks on other works since my computer died, it might be worth trying it out. I've used Wilbur before, and it does a really good job, so it might not be that impossible.