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ilKhan Ozy
09-04-2010, 07:25 PM
Okay, so I finally got my sorry tail in gear, and began getting up some figures for my created species over at RabiKi. So, here is my first gun at the Galaren homeworld, Glaneron.


3: Glaneron
1.1 AU
Day Length - 31 Earth hours
L Luminosity - 1.1775 (Solar Lumens)
I Insolation (Apparent Brightness) - 0.97
T Orbital Period - 421.37 Earth Days
Mass - 5.764 x 1024 kg (.96)
Radius Equatorial - 6465 km (1.014)
Radius Polar - (1.011)
Gravity Equatorial - 9.6 m/s2 (.97)
Gravity Polar - (.949)
Density - 5.184 g/cm3 (.94)
Oblatness - (.002)
Percentage Water:
Axial Tilt: 50

Figures in parentheses are the relation to Earth units (Earth Masses, Earth Radii, so on)

Once I get a neat table and such set up for it, ill begin establishing the nations and so on of the world.

For what its worth, to read about the Galarens themselves, check this out:

09-05-2010, 12:53 AM
Good start. The most glaring thing is that the continents and the oceans don't mesh right now. Consider adding "coastal waters" with a lighter blue, something that doesn't contrast so harshly with the land masses.