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09-18-2010, 03:05 AM
A friend of mine has been placed in charge of organizing an arts festival for the university she attends.

One of the things she's in charge of is acquiring art, photographs, live bands, and so on. I've been pestered to provide some maps and art, and I thought I would help out a bit by putting the word around.

One of the links to the festival info is through facebook at http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=150833444938173

Submissions can be made through this link: http://guild.murdoch.edu.au/fringe-festival-entry-form

The submission guidelines state:
# This competition is open to Students, Staff and the greater community. There will be categories specifically for Students, and an open category for judging purposes.
# As this is Murdoch Guild's first arts festival, we have chosen not to restrict entries by theme, instead encourage a wide range of submissions from all participants.
# Photographic prints may be up to A4 size. Digital submissions must be no more than 5 MB, and will be printed in proportion on an A4 print.
# There is no entry fee.

-- there are more guidelines, but i think these ones cover enough to help determine if you're interested enough to look further

I didn't get dragged into this until last minute, so I didn't notice the "Deadline is midnight 18th" - but in Australia time that means there's a few hours left :)

I was informed in no uncertain terms that "the greater community" means pretty much anyone :)

So if anyone wants to toss a few pieces this way, here's the chance. And at the least, it can add another notch to the "i've been displayed" belt :)